Traditional Baskets

Medium Berry Basket & Accessories

Large Boardwalk® Basket & Accessories

Oval Market Basket & Accessories

Fancy Round Pie Basket & Accessories

Oval Spring Basket & Accessories

Sort & Store Baskets

Medium Bin Basket & Accessories

Newspaper Basket & Accessories

Paper Bin Basket & Accessories

Medium Rectangle Storage Basket & Accessories

Small Square Waste Basket

Small Square Waste WoodCrafts Lid

Seasonal Baskets

Bright Multi-Color Bread Carrier Basket

Bright Multi-Color Soft Rectangle Basket & Protector

Bright Multi-Color Little Swoop Basket & Protector

Chestnut Medium Oval Diamond Basket & Access.

Chestnut Side-Handled Pantry Basket & Accessories

2009 Christmas Collection™ Snowflake Cookie Basket

& Accessories

Small Loaf Basket & Accessories

Small Oval Gift Basket & Accessories

Small Recipe Basket & Accessories

Longaberger To Go™

Buckle Bag Basket Deep Brown w/Black

Small Buckle Bag Basket Deep Brown w/Black

Braided Leather Hobo Chocolate Brown/Black

Braided Leather Satchel Chocolate Brown/Black

Woven Traditions® Pottery

All Traditional Red Pottery

Chip & Dip Bowl – all colors

Single Crock Lid / Coaster – all colors

Loaf Dish – all colors

Pasta Bowls Set of 2 – all colors

Large Pasta Bowl – all colors

Soft Square Mugs – all colors (newly redesigned for Feb. 1)

Rectangular Tray – all colors

Two-Quart Pitcher – all colors

Two-Quart Baking Dish – all colors

Two-Quart Baking Dish Cover

Contour Bowl – Cornflower, Paprika, Butternut,

Sage, Tomato (remains in Ivory and Ebony)

Contour Tray – Cornflower, Paprika, Butternut,

Sage, Tomato (remains in Ivory and Ebony)

Celebrate Plate

Woven Traditions® Soup & Sandwich Plate – all colors

Woven Traditions Muffin Pan – all colors

Woven Traditions Batter Bowl – all colors

Seasonal Pottery

Bright Multi-Color Large Bowl

Bright Multi-Color Small Bowls

Bright Multi-Color Mugs

Bright Multi-Color Luncheon Plates

Snowflake Cookie Platter

Snowflake Jumbo Mugs

Snowflake Cookie Mold Ornaments

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Bread Basket Rack

Wrought Iron Newspaper Stand & WoodCrafts Shelf

Wrought Iron Paper Bin Stand & WoodCrafts Shelves

Wrought Iron Serving Stand

Wrought Iron Stack Rack & Shelves

Wrought Iron Two-Pie Server

Fabric & Accessories

ALL Reversible Placemat Sets:

Khaki Check/Khaki Floral

Botanical Fields / Botanical Fields Stripe

Cabana Blue Stripe / Bright Cornflower

All Botanical Fields Stripe Liners and Napkins

All Bright Cornflower Liners and Napkins

All Khaki Floral Liners and Napkins

All Orchard Park Plaid Liners, Napkins & Placemats

All Sage Liners, Napkins & Placemats

Autumn Path Reversible Placemats

Autumn Path Napkins

Holiday Plaid Placemats

Holiday Plaid Napkins


2009 Baby Tie-On

Snowflake Tie-On

Fall Foliage Tie-On

Collectors Club

2009 Member Basket & Accessories

2009 Charter Member Liner and Protector Set

2009 Gathering Charm Set

Family Together Series™ Celebrate Basket &


Indian Corn Basket

Master’s Studio

Master’s Studio™ Peppermint Basket


Filled Hurricane Candles – All Scents

Pint Size Pillar Candle – Christmas Pine,

Cinnamon Stick, Pumpkin Pie

Peppermint Inclusion Candle

Hostess & Booking

Autumn Path Tote

Chestnut Small Oval Diamond Basket & Accessories

Chestnut Carry All Basket & Accessories

2009 Holiday Hostess™ Large Snowflake Cookie

Basket & Accessories

Bright Multi-Color Pottery Bundle

Woven Traditions Spreaders Set of 2