Ok, my husband put the leaning bookshelf together last night.  I couldn’t wait for the shelves to come in so I cleaned out the kitchen all day to make room for the shelf.  It makes my kitchen look so much bigger!  It let’s me display my pottery and baskets.  I had the cake basket up on top of my fridge and I’m glad I could take it down and show it off.  But I think I need more baskets and pottery to fill in the gaps now left in my kitchen! When I get the shelves I’ll take more pictures. This really looks so much better in real life. If I were a better photographer, it would look better as well!

I’m going to change the wall paper as well. I want more of a paprika color to go with the banana walls.  Good thing there’s not a lot of wall space in my kitchen, I’ve been asking Jeff to do so many projects lately he might divorce me!