Longaberger fires president


NEWARK — The Longaberger Co. has made its sixth change in presidential leadership in the past seven years, dismissing president Robin Crossman, who was hired in October. Click here for full article.

So, I join the company in mid November.  A mere 6 months and there have been more changes that I’ve been through than the seven years I have been with Stampin’ Up!

Here are a few:

  • Consultant minimums are changed from yearly to quarterly with a hike in the total. Not really a big deal.
  • Lower commissions on Factory Store Outlet sales. Kinda of a bummer, but what can you do.
  • Consultants pick up the shipping on adjustments and returns. This was nice, but I’m use to it from other DS companies.
  • Total restructure of the title tables. As if I wasn’t confused about this enough. Just not use to the titles.
  • Our Notebook won’t be mailed to us anymore, oops, never mind, it will.

The changes aren’t really that big.  I wonder if Tami didn’t like them and decided Robin wasn’t the right fit.

Longaberger does things a little differently than Stampin’ Up!  One thing I don’t understand about Longaberger is that they tell us one thing, then change their mind about it. The Spring Bonus Dollars for example. They advertise – Spend $50, get $10 to use in June! Now, they just announce begin using your Spring Bonus Dollars in May!  No lead time for us.  I already told my customers use your $$ in June, now I have to tell them they can use it in May. It gets confusing to customers. But I guess I’m just not use to my new endeavor.  I really LOVE Longaberger products and I will continue to stock up on my collection! I have so much to buy and they keep adding new and great things.  That’s one thing that they do right!!