Arrived this morning in Columbus for my first Bee!!   It’s been a long day, but very productive.  Picked up my Bee Bag and went shopping in the company store.  Went to a few training sessions and then a party at night.  My feet are killing me but I should sleep well.  Here are some pics for the day. Should have more tomorrow.  You can watch a live stream at!

This is the Bee Basket.  It’s the new fall weave and I wasn’t sure when I saw it in the catalog that I would like it. But, seeing it in person, as usual, I really loved it.  It will be at my house next week!  I also bought some sweatshirts and things for Jeff.

I thought this was cool. It’s $24.99 so if you want one, email me while I’m still here!

Hey, remember this guy?  He was my basket maker helper from Yankee Candle!  He remembered me too!

Just a few pic’s from tonight’s party.  Bernie Kozar was there, but I didn’t get a picture of him 😦

Bee Boys!!!!