I made some pasta for dinner tonight and used the new Parmesan Garlic Seasoning Blend Longaberger will be selling starting Sept 1.  I just took some rotini pasta, added a little butter & olive oil with the seasoning and it was awesome!!!  I just made one serving so I just added some to taste.  It was way too easy even my husband can do it!!

The beer bread was great as well. I love having left over beer bread to put in my soup.  Fall is coming and I have a lot of soup for lunch.  I cooked the beer bread in my Longaberger loaf pan from last year, but I’m looking forward to using one of the new ones.  I like baking 2 loafs of things at a time so having another loaf pan will work great.  I use to have the Pampered Chef loaf pans, they worked great, but were SO ugly after a couple of uses.  Now, I can give a loaf pan as a gift with one of my zucchini breads in it!!!  So happy the loaf pans are back!!!

I tasted the Cheddar Potato Soup at the Bee, it was awesome as well.  I heard someone saying they were going to make au gratin potatoes with it. Can’t wait to try that, especially since I’m doing Thanksgiving this year!

I made the dip on the label of the Southwest Seasoning.  The recipe calls for 1 cup mayo, 1 cup sour cream and 5 tablespoons of the seasoning.  Well, I tasted it at the Bee and it was wicked hot so I only used 2 table spoons of it.  It was SO much better, still had a zing to it, but very tasty.  This will be great to use in one of those sour cream taco dips.  I’ll have to try that next!

I tried the Tomato & Basil soup at the Bee.  I really didn’t care for it.  I wonder if it might work in a meat loaf?

The dessert mixes I tried at the Bee as well, didn’t buy any for home yet. I didn’t want it in my house because they were so good and I would eat it all!  My hubby loves key lime so that will be a staple in my house!!!

I’m really looking forward to selling these items in the fall.  There is just enough to sell so I don’t have to overwhelm people at home shows, and they really compliment our pottery!