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Last week at the Bee, the concourse was set up with this HUGE table featuring different table settings of the pottery.  Here are just a few snapshot of that table.  It looked so great, it made me want to eat the dishes!

Dinner for 24 anyone??

Chocolate pottery!!! Yum…

Love Longaberger flatware. All my forks and knives have seen better days!

Last chance to get the Cabana Blue for a while.


This was my first Bee!!!!  I gotta tell ya, I’m all tuckered out!  We went from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM each night. There was so much to take in and so little time.  I enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait for next year’s Bee!!!  Over the next few days I’m going to post pictures here and they are already up on my Facebook Fan Page.  Just search for Michelle’s Longaberger Fan Page on Facebook and you can see them.

The Hostess Only Christmas basket is awesome!  I love all the Christmas baskets as well.  Here are some pic’s!

Santa Belly!!!!  So cute!

This is the Hostess Christmas Basket.  The clear cupcake holder is available to ALL in Oct. The pic is a little fuzzy, sorry!

I think this Frosty hat is my favorite!

Wow, this was the best!  Tami was great on stage and the Bee Boys were awesome as usual!  Anyone watch the live stream?

Wait till you see the new Wish List!!!!    It has so many new items as well as fabulously designed!!!

This year’s Christmas items are amazing!!!  Wait till you see the Frosty hat!!!!!

Here are some more pics!

Our Bee Boy Jon!  He was such a good sport and was having a great time!


Love the Chocolate pottery!  It looks good enough to eat!

Some foods are coming back!  Bear bread and Key Lime!

This is the Frosty Basket. So cute!!!

This is just too cute for words!  I can’t wait to get one!

Arrived this morning in Columbus for my first Bee!!   It’s been a long day, but very productive.  Picked up my Bee Bag and went shopping in the company store.  Went to a few training sessions and then a party at night.  My feet are killing me but I should sleep well.  Here are some pics for the day. Should have more tomorrow.  You can watch a live stream at!

This is the Bee Basket.  It’s the new fall weave and I wasn’t sure when I saw it in the catalog that I would like it. But, seeing it in person, as usual, I really loved it.  It will be at my house next week!  I also bought some sweatshirts and things for Jeff.

I thought this was cool. It’s $24.99 so if you want one, email me while I’m still here!

Hey, remember this guy?  He was my basket maker helper from Yankee Candle!  He remembered me too!

Just a few pic’s from tonight’s party.  Bernie Kozar was there, but I didn’t get a picture of him 😦

Bee Boys!!!!

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